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Dona Maria Career

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Dona Maria Career

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Dona Maria career as a Lebanese/ American lady who born on the 4th of September, and she have no sisters or brothers.

At an early age she authored a book “The Twin’s Secret ” that was successfully run in stores for two years.

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But she didn’t stop there, as a result of her ambitions, Theater was her second step.

Danielle De Barabark theatrical play

Dona Maria get involved  in the kids theater in the 2003  and because she’s a kids lover she signed a deal with the writer Clovis Attallah.

She played her role as marguerite for one year on theater. The play was for schools and Sundays for public and she turned the reporter’s attention  and they requested for her for Tv and magazines  interviews and so.
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No Quiero and La Mosh Aayza

Dona Maria دونا ماريا no quieroNo Quiero and La Mosh Aayza double version that was written and  produced by DM the NO composed by Boudy  Naoum saw the light on 2007 with a cooperation with EMI and Melody Music.


Puedo Olvidar and Kedah Hasnak:

Dona Maria دونا مارياDona Maria دونا ماريا loved music and she wanted to explore her talents more and more and because of that she decided to do it herself with Puedo Olvidar onwards, the double version was  powered by Arabica record and TV,  and Melody music Radio station fm and Tv produced by DM the NO and  saw the light on 2012.

Palabras and Kalam keteer

Dona Maria دونا ماريا palabras

Palabras and Kalam keteer music and Lyrics by Dona Maria produced by

 DM the NO saw the light on 2013 and shows up gain in  Dona Marias

latest Album Soy Lo Que Soy.

Escucha Mi photoshoot

Escucha Mi and Esmaasni double version

Escucha Mi and Esmaasni double version  been released in 2017 after  her marriage and  moved her living to United states of America .

My new songs are from my latest experiences in life and they hold messages and deep meaning because of that  I would love to ask my fans to listen well to both versions .

Christmas Spirit

In December 2018, Dona Maria released her single “Go Tell it” after Silent Night for Christmas spirit.

Dona Maria joined the Grammy Awards:

The international Multilingual songwriter, composer and recording artist Dona Maria that engaged in recorded music around the world.

in the Latin Grammy acoustic session

Dona Maria joined the Grammy Awards and Latin Grammy Awards  as a Recording Academy member, Los Angeles Chapter. 

She produces the most artistically and successful music that inspires and entertains fans around the world.

Dona Maria has set new trends with her music, she drove fashion in her music videos as well.

Her history of several releases and a successful recordings  of songs and  music videos, that date back over a decade and comprises a collection of music in several languages.

Her mission is to inspire and empower people of all ages and cultures and to lift up their spirit and Because of that she’s Committed to artistry and innovation!

The commitment is to set new trends in music, and as a result, empowering the audience and allows them to be inspired and to flourish.

Dona Maria is the music that inspires your self-expression:

No Quiero photo shoot

Her passion for music and her relentless pursuit of unimaginable new experiences that drives her to pioneer new excitement.

Her music entertainment that inspires her fans to explore profoundly their self-expression.

Explore your inner self and reflect passionately.

She encouraging her audience deeply to explore their inner self and reflect passionately on their self-respect. Her commitment is to set new trends in music that empowers the audience and allows them to be inspired and to flourish.

She is passionate about bringing meaningful and positive change and  closely upholds social responsibility.

It’s our responsibility to set the example for the new generation, and as a result of our work will hold the bar high for all generations.

I want to add something to my lines that its not because I’m  a multilingual artist that’s  what makes me reach many people in the world, no not just this but Music is the international language, that knows no boundaries. It is the language of inspiration!

Soy Lo Que Soy I’m What I’m  اكون من اكون Album:

soy lo que soy by dona maria

Her latest release was a double version album: Soy Lo Que Soy, Akoun Mn Akoun, I’m What I’m.

The multilingual artist who said NO to all kinds of hurting:

Dona Maria, who said No to all kinds of hurting  and so, she encourages all to stay positive because negativity wont do us any favor and as a result of this,  Was and still the message that comes through her songs.

The  Album  featured eleven tracks, written and composed by the artist Dona Maria and  released on June 2018.

No More Tragedy by Dona Maria

No More Tragedy - لا مزيد من المأساة

The 62nd FYC Album featured No More Tragedy by Dona Maria.

Dona Maria دونا ماريا  No More Tragedy Single  2019 –  coma for 40 days.

 No More Tragedy born about a year after Recovering from a car accident.

The car accident was on March 30 2016.

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The artist singer songwriter Grammy member and the Founder and the CEO of DM the NO music, LLC says that she’s not the Dona Maria Mexican Restaurant owner.
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