Dona Maria

No More Tragedy - لا مزيد من المأساة

True Stories

True Stories

True Stories

I composed and wrote  No More Tragedy  about a year after recovering from a car accident on March 30 2016 that put me in a coma for  40 days. Dona  Maria said

The doctors lost hope and gave me  48 hours  to come through, otherwise, they would remove the life support   but my family decided to pray and wait and the  LORD  brought me back from  death to life again. Dona Maria said

Few months after my accident, I  got married to a very special man but the most meaningful moment in my life is when I became a mother less then two years ago.

Motherhood changed everything for me and sparked a new creation in every aspect of my life.

I started working on my Album  Soy Lo Que Soy I’m what I’m  and I did the  No More Tragedy single to say it loud and clear that I  won’t accept any more tragedies in my life again.

Dona Maria said

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