Dona Maria

No Quiero

No Quiero – لأ مش عايزة – دونا ماريا – Dona Maria

La Mosh Aayza and No Quiero

No Quiero لأ مش عايزة دونا ماريا – Dona Maria

No no no quiero
Su corazon muy cerca del mio
Quiero un amor que vibrar mi
Corazon en mi cuerpo

Lastiman no quiero
Yo quiero un amor
Differente, no quiero
Bailar cada noche
Perdida en tu cintura
No quiero mira el cielo
Dibujas tu nombre con
Las estrellas, no quiero
No puedo,

Cumpasion no quiero
Quieo un amor que vibrar mi
sentimiento quiero un amor
Que vibrar mi corazon

No quiero voy cada noche
Para buscando a sus ojos
Paraque tu es misterioso
No existe no no.

No quiero x4

Arabic man vocal
Biki zayantou el layali
Najmatan bi sama2i
Ana laki sertou 3abdan
Arjouki an tarhami.
No no no quiero x4

La Mosh Aayza Lyrics in Arabic



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Dona Maria دونا ماريا   the  Lebanese lady who born in Beirut on the 4th of September and she have no sisters or brothers, she moved her living to  USA after her marriage. At an early age she authored a book “The Twin’s Secret ” that was successfully run in stores for two years. But she didn’t stop there, as a result of her ambitions, Theater was her second step. click here to Read more

Danielle De Barabark theatrical play
the artist get involved  in the kids theater in the 2003  and because she’s a kids lover she signed a deal with the writer Clovis Attallah.She played her role as marguerite for one year on theater. The play was for schools and Sundays for public and she turned the reporters attention  and they requested for her for Tv and magazines  interviews and so. Click here to watch  the play

No Quiero and La Mosh Aayza
No Quiero and La Mosh Aayza double version that was written and  produced by DM the NO the double versions saw the light on 2007 with a cooperation with EMI and Melody Music. Click here for more
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