Dona Maria


Grammy Awards 64th

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FYC – Dona Maria – Grammy Awards 64

Escucha Mi / Esmaani music videos – Dona Maria

Esmaani - أسمعني - جديد New

Escucha Mi Spanish Version and Esmaani Arabic version music videos – Dona Maria

These days, Common is visible and praised for a variety of extra musical things, like acting, writing and philanthropy. But her music videos are a Beautiful story boards /music and lyrics that show that she still the leader of the new ideas as ever.

Escucha Mi


The first round voting open Esmaani by Dona Maria in the voting list if you are a #recordingacademy member we need your attention #Vote4GRAMMYs
الفنانة دونا ماريا ومنذ انتسبت الى الغرامي وعضويتها الرسمية ادخلت الاغاني الخاصة بها في الغرامي في اللغات الثلاثة اللتي تتقنها ومنها اللغة العربية وهكذا هي اول فنانة استطاعات ادخال اللغة العربية الى ترشيحات الغرامي ومحبة منهم واحترام لها ولفنها شكرا Grammy Awards للدعم الدائم لدونا ماريا
اسمعني و Escucha Mi و اغنية TikTak Town في الدورة الاولى للتصويت وهذا التصويت ليس للعامة بل لاعضاء الغرامي الرسميين ومنهم دونا ماريا مع حفظ جميع الحقوق.
The artist Donna Maria, since affiliated with the Grammy, and her official membership, has introduced her songs in the grammy in the three languages she professes, including the Arabic language, and so on, she is the first artist to enter the Arabic language into the nominations of the Grammy, love and respect for them. Grammy Awards wrapped up thanks for always supporting Donna Maria
Listen to me, Escucha Mi, and TikTak Town in the first round of voting, and this vote is not for the public, but for official members of the love, including Donna Maria, with all rights being protected.

TikTak Town – Dona Maria

Grammy Awards 64th

TikTak Town is a fun American “English” song that lets you enjoy the ride.
I mean don’t you really realize that we are in a TikTak Town? 😉

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