Dona Maria

FYC – Dona Maria – Grammy Awards 64

FYC – Dona Maria – Grammy Awards 64

Escucha Mi / Esmaani music videos – Dona Maria

Esmaani - أسمعني - جديد New

Escucha Mi Spanish Version and Esmaani Arabic version music videos – Dona Maria

These days, Common is visible and praised for a variety of extra musical things, like acting, writing and philanthropy. But her music videos are a Beautiful story boards /music and lyrics that show that she still the leader of the new ideas as ever.

Escucha Mi



TikTak Town – Dona Maria

tiktak town ARTWORK

TikTak Town is a fun American “English” song that lets you enjoy the ride.
I mean don’t you really realize that we are in a TikTak Town? 😉


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